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Friday, September 17, 2010

Detroit River On A Yacht Shit

Detroit River On A Yacht Shit was leaked this week by Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko.

Produced by ODizzy (of Detroit's West Side) DROYS has received decent reviews as well as some blog support (back link via

Sunday, August 29, 2010

C. Weinbren Inks Production Deal With Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed that C. Weinbren (pictured above) has inked an exclusive (and lucrative) production contract with "The 'Lik."

Weinbren (22) a Piano prodigy turned Electro/Synth-Pop producer has impressive credentials to say the least.

His genius recognized at a young age; Weinbren was enrolled in New York City's elite Professional Children's School where his classmates included Mischa Barton, Scarlett Johansson and Pong Pong Gong.

At 15 Weinbren composed a classical piece inspired by 9/11 that was featured for review in The New York Times.

By 18 he received a full scholarship to SUNY Purchase (White Plains NY). Though quickly recognized as the "crown jewel" of the University's prestigious Jazz Conservatory he exited the program after his sophomore year.

Weinbren's versatility overwhelming him he switched majors to Studio Composition. Under the tutelage of Conservatory Director Jim Mcelwain (teacher of Regina Spektor and Moby) Weinbren began composing hip-hop, jazz, reggae, alternative, classical, and pop.

Playing with Charlie Phillips (, Under The Rasta Influence ( and Jennifer Donnelly ( as well as studying with Grammy Award winner Arturo O'Farrill and great Jazz pianist Charles Blenzig Weinbren became well known as an incredible talent. Though he'd yet to find a project he truly believed could top the charts. Until...

Weinbren is quoted:
"The combination of Trap Like Me (The Mixtape) and The Charles Buko EP inspired me. I realized that if I molded universal instrumentals for Charlie he could have worldwide commercial viability. I became fascinated with bridging worlds of hip-hop and electro. I approached Charlie with a Space Cowboy remix for 'Talking In Your Sleep' and he completely nailed it. The response to the record was universally positive and I realized this could be a full album."

Details regarding the deal between Weinbren and "The 'Lik" are scarce at best. It has been confirmed that Weinbren is under exclusive contract and is also being actively managed by Buko. Further verified are reports that the two are in the process of creating a joint house album described as "electro-synth-rap."

The project is rumored to be titled "Sexual Mania."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trap Like Me 2.0

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment confirmed a 'verified leak' of Trap Like Me 2.0 (The Mixtape) appeared at Midnight on Saturday.

Hit-A-Lik C.E.O. Charles "Charlie" Buko was not available for comment but released the statement:

"The Ganz is obviously a hard if not impossible act to follow but, shit don't stop...2.0 is a statement tape...the thesis is simply that I'm the best rapper ever out of Ann Arbor Michigan."

Final track-list (and download link) are available below.

1) Eggplant Foamposits (Featuring Koreo)
2) I Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Intro)
3) All Mine (Featuring Mayer Hawthorne)
4) Welcome Back (Intro)
5) So Hard (G-Mix)
6) I'm Used To That (Intro)
7) Steady Mobbin' (Freestyle)
8) What Else (Intro)
9) Dope Boi
10) Hello Good Morning (Freestyle)
11) Poppin' In The Club
12) All Tha Way Turnt Up (Freestyle)
13) Polo Prada Fendi (Featuring K-Crump)
14) Have You Ever (Featuring Christopher)
15) Number One Fan (Featuring Money Murda)
16) Here We Go (Intro)
17) Chedda (Remix) (Featuring D-Duce)
18) They Don't Know (Featuring Money Murda)
19) Ok You're Right (Freestyle)
20) Streets On Smash
21) Nothin' You'll Regret (Remix) (Featuring Daddy Bone) (prod by Johnny Arcade)
22) A Week Ago (Featuring Money Murda)
23) Baby By Me (Featuring Dotoz)
24) All This Money (Remix) (Featuring Big Body & Young T) (prod by Mikey Millions)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

'THE GANZ 1.0' is a CLASSIC!

The reviews are in and Dotoz 'THE GANZ 1.0' is a CLASSIC!!

"shit is nice"
- Knoxville Stokes

(The Olympics/The Untouchable Maybach Empire)

"best release ever from Hit-A-Lik"
- Mikey Millions


"best mixtape of 2010"

- Charlie Buko

(Hit-A-Lik Entertainment/Universal Music Group)

STILL sleeping?? Download it for FREE now!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Paula Deanda Tweets @ C-Hust

Paula DeAnda pauladeanda
Correct not scared anymore @charlesbuko@pauladeanda I am motivated by fear of failure.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mike Posner Endorses Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik DJ (and in house production contributor) DJ Matty Money pictured above with Southfield native Mike Posner.

Matty Money was not available for comment but released this statement:
Me and Mike Posner. Ill dude, bout to be on the callabo with Charlie Buko AKA C-Hust. Watch out for that..POW!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dotoz - The Ganz 1.0


After much anticipation Hit-A-Lik Entertainment's flagship artist M. Dot Broscoe (AKA Dotoz) has released of his latest mixtape effort "The Ganz 1.0."

First solo release of any kind from Dot since 2005 (The M Dot LP 2005 to purchase) "The Ganz 1.0" includes no features.

"The shit is a masterpiece" said Dotoz "Hip-Hop at it's finest."

Initial reviews are beaming...

"Best album ever to be released on Hit-A-Lik" - Michael Larson (Treetown/Star Trak).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Young Frizz - 1460 & A Wakeup

Young Frizz has hit an apparent home-run with his new "1460 & A Wakeup" Mixtape. Being hailed as the "King of the Deuce" Frizz "You Made That Up" Freestyle has been labeled an "epidemic in the streets." Furthermore the club banger "Nightvision" has created a verified frenzy everytime it's been performed at Ann Arbor's LIVE.

Joints to check for include:

"You Made That Up" (Featuring Dotoz)


"Oh My God Obama" (Featuring Jwong)

Hear tracks from "1460 & A Wakeup" at . . .

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Seen A Chick Lookin' Pretty In A Video

The Young Prince of Hit-A-Lik Entertanment . . . James Buko AKA "The Heir To The Throne" (pictured) with two Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed the first single off his (yet to be titled) next album will be produced by Johnny Arcade.

"The song is called Pretty In A Video, it's crazy . . . we still have a lot going on with The (Charles Buko) EP though . . . "Ride With A Pimp" is just now making it's way into rotation on New York radio."

Rumors are Buko is lobbying for "Pretty In A Video" to be the next lead overall single while Hit-A-Lik board members prefer to continue marketing singles off The Charles Buko EP.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

S&S Click Release New "Top Of The Map" Mixtape

In other news the S&S of Hit-A-Lik Entertainment released their latest mixtape effort "Top Of The Map" to great acclaim. Some of the favored tracks include "1800" as well as "El Camino T-Top" (AKA) "Blow You Away."

M Dot / AKA Dotoz (The General of The S&S Click pictured above) was not available for comment but released this statement:
"Oh my God Obama, Top Of The Map is a classic tape, perhaps; even more like the foundation for a new beginning . . . it's The 'Lik . . ."

Dotoz also has a solo effort on the way soon. "The Gans 1.0/2.0" is reportedly a 34 track double-disc effort which may or may not include some poignant words for local MC's.

C-Hust Lifesnapshotz Press Feature Link . . .

Monday, January 25, 2010

Executive Bailout

Rumors swirled Monday that Charles "Charlie" Buko (AKA C-Hust / AKA The Young Mayer Hawthorne) has effectively stepped down as Chief Executive Officer of Hit-A-Lik Entertainment.

Initial reports indicate that Hit-A-Lik Vice President (and Chief Financial Officer) would be in line to take over the Executive duties.

It has long been rumored that Hit-A-Lik VP's have been in control of "day to day" operations, but these most recent rumors of Buko stepping down came as a surprise to many. Speculation is that Buko is in some way dissatisfied with the direction the company has taken / is taking.

Even if he was not in control of "day to day" operations most are of the opinion that Buko would have little to gain stepping down (as the C.E.O. position does come with great clout and prestige).

Buko was not available for comment but released this statement:

"I congratulate Darryl (Young Frizz) on his release and welcome him home . . . the recordings he have been making are incredible and I look forward to promoting his marketing his project . . . "

When asked if he was stepping down as C.E.O. Buko responded simply:

"You made that up."

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Last Dance With Mary Jane

One more time to kill the pain . . .

Oh my my, oh hell yes, honey remove that Ed Hardy dress . . .

Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko verified that "C Hust - The Charles Buko EP" had been released on itunes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shorty You Could Ride With A Pimp If You Want To . . .

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko pictured (second from left) on stage with Pharrell Williams of NERD (far right) at Hartford University Spring Fling 2009.

An eventful week for Hit-A-Lik Entertainment began with the OFFICIAL release of "The Charles Buko EP" on December 1st 2009.

Shortly afterward Buko revealed there is to be a second meeting with Universal Music Group Senior Vice President Avery Lipman at "some point in the near future."

If that weren't enough it seems the young executive has successfully come to terms with talent manager KD Wilson of Czar Entertainment.

"I saw him first..." said Wilson.

Toast to the haters . . . POW

Charlie Buko - Ride With A Pimp (Produced by Drew Money)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Detroit Playerz

RIP The Notorious BIG / Jay Dilla

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed he will be arriving at Metro Detroit Airport this coming Monday:

"We have some final preparations to make before the (Charles Buko) EP release on December 1st.  Got a lil' show in Pittsburgh on the way out, looking to setting something up in Chicago as well...I'm really looking forward to going home it's been a while."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

C-Hust Twitter Hacked / EP Art Leaked

Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed his twitter account was hacked, he also discussed the EP (and it's release party).

I'm looking forward to Young Frizz being released. I'm glad we got this EP out so I'll have some time to market it before Frizz is released on January 6th 2010. I'm hopeful that I'll be in and out of Detroit to assist in the Executive Production of the Young Frizz album.

I'm a Dope Boy; you see tha D on my hat.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mama I'm Comin' Home

After nearly five-years in Michigan state correctional facilities Hit-A-Lik Entertainment's first ever artist Darryl Young (AKA Young Frizz) is scheduled to be released January 6th 2010.

Young was not available for comment but released this statement:
"Buko holler at me!  Pro-V keep makin' them hot beats Miami I'm gonna be there baby the kid gon' shine!"

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles Buko was thrilled to say the least:
"I know first hand what it's like behind the walls, Young Frizz release is long overdue and we look forward to recieving is my understanding that John (O'Brien) has a watch for him, I'll be in Detroit in early January we are in the process of planning an event to celebrate his release."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

C-Hust rockin' Ray Bans ain't he from Ann Arbor?

It appears Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko is ready to release his first all original album before the end of the fiscal year.

Single "Ride With A Pimp" is available on 

Official C-Hust EP Tracklist: (Verified Leak)

The Charles Buko EP

1) Diamondz Produced by Drew Money

2) Ride With A Pimp Produced by Drew Money

3) Wine It Up Produced by Drew Money

4) The Life I Lead Produced by Mikey Milliions

5) Danger Zone (Freestyle) Produced by Mikey Millions

6) Trap Like Me Produced by Drew Money

Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Frizz

After a brief stint in Atlanta GA Dotoz returned to Washtenaw County. On verifying reports Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer John O'Brien referred to the arduous process as a "Hit-A-Lik Blood Diamond extraction" Charles Buko refused comment:

"I am grateful Dotoz has rejoined The 'Lik and will be releasing numerous projects. I understand his allergies were giving him some trouble in Georgia so I'm glad to hear he's re-adapting."

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll Trick If She A Dime Piece

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko (pictured above) rebuffed speculation that Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien is now the acting C.E.O. of Hit-A-Lik Entertainment.

Sources close to "The 'Lik" have been quoted as saying O'Brien is "in control of day to day operations."

Buko projected otherwise:

I'm runnin' this, like (like, like) a circus.  I have already begun work on the next single off the's called "I'll Trick If She A Dime Piece."

Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Sex

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko (pictured above with Grandmother Mariah Coffey / Grandfather Aaron Buko) welcomed his mid-twenties this week with a performance at Ultra Lounge in Manhattan.

"It's crazy to see people dancing to your song..." said Buko "...I just hope Drew Money will be pleased 'Diamondz' is breaking through in the clubs."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drew Money In Rolling Stone

Hit-A-Lik affiliate and in-house production guru Drew Money appears in Rolling Stone. Hit-A-Lik Entertainment C.E.O. Charles Buko quoted as saying "Congratulations to him, it's such excellent news that he's getting recognition like that, my music would be nowhere without him."

The following is a link to the article:

Monday, April 13, 2009

We Fly High

Hit-A-Lik affiliate (and in-house production contributor) Mikey Millions (pictured above).

As Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Execuitve Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko prepares for his meeting at Universal Music Group it has become clear Millions will no longer be able to conceal his affiliation with "The 'Lik."

Reason being; Buko is rumored to be closing the same "Spring Fling" music festival (Hartford University April 25th 2009) Pharrell Williams and NERD (Millions' current employers) are Headlining.

"We're not going out of our way to do anything crazy..." said Buko.

"I'm just looking forward to hearing some songs off that new NERD album."

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video Killed The Radio Star

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed reports that Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien has leaked a C-Hust single (produced by Drew Money & Mikey Millions) to New York Radio.

Buko evaded revealing the title.
"People will just have to go and see, also; I'd request that all listeners rate the song 5 out of 5...Drew Money really did a number on this one."

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Brooklyn

Amidst speculation Buko has the proverbial "juice" as Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien has re-located from South Beach to Detroit.

Buko seemed non-chalant:
"Hit-A-Lik headquarters is now back in Detroit where it belongs" said Buko. "John is setting things up so we will be able to recieve Frizz appropriately upon his release in April...Lord willing."

Monday, January 5, 2009

Promotional Tool or Hit-A-Lik Crown Jewel

Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien refused to comment on the video of Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles Buko (AKA "C-Hust") which has reportedly surfaced.

Sources tell hitalik.blogspot after being told to kill the "Trap Like Me" project a video surfaced showing Buko doing quite the opposite.

Rumor has John O'Brien (at one point may have) told Buko he'd "step down" from The 'Lik entirely. Sources revealed Buko (who has been a "positive thinking kick lately") was understandably shaken up by O'Brien's admission.

Buko remained cautiously optimistic...
"My confidence in the Trap Like Me project has never waivered. Sometimes you have to push things to the brink of extinction before than can be cultivated...Free Frizz."

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hit-A-Lik Europe

Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien confirmed reports that Hit-A-Lik "temporarily" rented "commercial space" at Näckströmsgatan (Berzelii Park) Stockholm, Sweden.

Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko responded optimistically when asked if Hit-A-Lik will open a permanent office overseas.

"Certainly by the second quarter of 2009" said the young executive. "Hit-A-Lik Europe...No homo."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rest In Peace MC Breed

How Long Will They Mourn Me?

Flint Rap Legend MC Breed (pictured right with Tupac Shakur) found at a friends home in Ypsilanti this weekend; dead at 36.

"Breed was a HUGE influence" said Buko. "I can remember lip-synching to Ain't No Future In Your Frontin' in the mirror, when I was like 14. He was a HERO. I was a fan of Tupac, so for Breed to have songs with Pac? That was crazy! NOBODY from Michigan had songs with Pac. Later on when we came up I knew people who knew him and chilled with him. I'd always hear he was around Ann Arbor, The D, The Y. Even though I never met him personally Hit-A-Lik is forever in debt to Breed. Pour out a little liquor."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Obama Endorses Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik Chief Security Engineer (name withheld for reasons sensitive to National Security) pictured far right with Barack Obama.

"Safety first" said Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko.

Regarding the anonymous security engineer: "Brilliant is an understatement, we're very fortunate to have him on the team."

With Respect to Obama's "endorsement" Buko was sketchy at best. "No comment" he said "stop trying to get me in trouble."

Hardly astonishing Mr. Buko fancies himself avoiding "trouble." He nearly got arrested on his way home from Manhattan. Rumor has it police forced him off a Long Island Rail Road train (in Valley Stream) around 5:00am last Sunday Morning.

After (allegedly) kissing an unnamed female "friend" on the lips, the young Executive fled a Soho club for Garden City only to fall asleep on the train and wake up in Long Beach.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trap Like Me

As closes in on 17,000 total views Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko (pictured above on MTV with Cipha Soundz of Hot97) finds himself in hot water again this week.

It appears Buko recorded on a Drew Money beat that had not been authorized for use. Sources told hitalik.blogspot "Andy was very upset, he said John was wilding."

Drew Money's short temper isn't surprising. After the "Killa-Gate" scandal (for explanation of "Killa-Gate" e-mail it's completely understandable that the young producer would have a zero tolerance policy for this sort of behavior.

"I can niether confirm or deny the reports about the beat story, if anything did happen It was a very simple mis-understanding" said Buko.

"Even in a hypothetical scenario in which a beat was stolen I'm sure John made an honest mistake and it will not happen again...everything is under control, Andy is well compensated for all his work, his wrist is flooded with diamonds this is a bunch of gossip."

Buko seemed calm considering he was hit by a car in Long Island Tuesday morning. "My injuries appear to be minor, thank god, I think I'm just a little bruised."

Monday, October 6, 2008

Diamondz In My Watch Face

Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer Johnny "Paper Chase" O'Brien refused to comment on Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko's trip to Miami last weekend.

Multi-Platinum producer (and Hit-A-Lik in-house production contributor) Drew Money was quoted off the record saying Buko recorded his "catchiest hook."

Details of the session (and/or sessions) are being kept under tight wraps. South Beach Studios verified Buko booked (and utilized) time on Saturday October 4. Otherwise; little is known.

Hit-A-Lik Fun Fact:
South Beach Studios is located inside Miami's Hotel Marlin. Famous songs recorded there include Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" and C-Hust's "Diamonds In My Watch Face."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Devin The Dude Endorses Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik associate (and financier) A. Galardi met with Devin The Dude Sunday at the East Village Radio music festival in New York City. Galardi was accompanied by Hit-A-Lik C.E.O. Charles Buko (photo to be added).

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Jessica Simpson endorses Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik affiliate T. Buhr (A.K.A. "the head turner like Ted Turner") refused to comment on what he was doing with Jessica Simpson. Some reports have Buhr and Simpson on a date. Others have Buhr negotiating a collaboration between Simpson and Hit-A-Lik Entertainment.

Buhr's role in "the 'Lik" has always been a source of curiosity. While he has never held an official title within the organization, (there is a perspective that Buhr would be "above" such a thing) his face has appeared on multiple Hit-A-Lik event flyers.

Since Buhr refused comment, sought out Hit-A-Lik C.E.O. Charles Buko to see if he couldn't shed some light on the situation. "I think Jessica's just a little jealous, you need to go ask Ryan Mallet."

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Luke Wilson to play John O'Brien in C-Hust life story film

Hit-A-Lik Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed reports Sunday that Luke Wilson will portray Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer (and Senior Vice President) John O'Brien in the film based on the young executive's life.

Buko's acting agent Peter Cratz (pictured left) met with Wilson Sunday in the Hamptons. "Real ballers always end up working on Labor Day" said Cratz as he waited for his 2008 Audi S4 at the Valet station.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Money May Endorses Hit-A-Lik

When Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer (and Senior Vice President) John O'Brien (pictured far left) said he "bumped into" Floyd Mayweather this weekend in Las Vegas...he meant it.

"Money May" brushed shoulders with the young executive on his way out of the Palazzo, O'Brien recognized the champ and they began conversing.

Once Pretty Boy Floyd became privy to multi-platinum producer (and Hit-A-Lik in house production contributor) Drew Money's affiliation with "The 'Lik" he told O'Brien "wait here one second, I want to talk business with you."

Apparently by "talk business" Mayweather meant "come back with two white Caddillac Escalades and a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago" because Pretty Boy Floyd returned with full crew, two white Cadillac Escalades and a yellow Lamborghini Murcielago.

A possible collaboration may be in the works.

Asked "Was it really Floyd Mayweather?" O'Brien responded:
"Look at his watch it's huge, it's the size of his head...I mean really zoom in on it there are blue diamonds and canary diamonds and all kinds of crazy shit."

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hit-A-Lik World Tour

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment affiliate (and in-house engineering/production contributor) Mikey "Millions" Larson continued his globe trotting this week. Larson, Pharrell Williams (pictured left), Chad Hugo and the rest of the N.E.R.D. team arrived at Old Trafford football stadium in Greater Manchester (UK). Also known as the "Theatre Of Dreams" Old Trafford football stadium is home to the famous Manchester United football franchise.

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Execuive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko playfully evaded speculation that (at least of late) has been a lot about N.E.R.D. and not so much about Hit-A-Lik . "I'm not concerned with the haters" said Buko "I do not authorize that...nor do I condone diffusion of responsibility within proprietors of that sort."

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miss Teen Canada Signs To Hit-A-Lik

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko confirmed reports Wednesday that Miss Teen Canada has signed to Hit-A-Lik. "Mikey Millions met her in Montreal" Buko said "I guess they were getting along (because) he threw the idea out and she went for it."

Many have been shocked and confused by this revalation. Mikey Millions was not available for comment but released this statement: "It's not about Treetown, it's about Miss Teen Canada, Hit-A-Lik, and the future of rap music."

Rumors are Miss Teen Canada will lend vocals to tracks, or function as spokesperson. Either way Hit-A-Lik Chief Financial Officer (and Senior Vice President) John O'Brien was not aware of his labels newest "signing" when we notified him. "What?" said O'Brien.

O'Brien made no further comment. He was too busy dialing Buko on his Blackberry and I Phone simultaneously as he exited Hit-A-Lik's South Beach Offices.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I'm going going to to Miami-ami

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko dodged the chance to confirm rumors his next solo album will be produced exclusively by Drew Money (and recorded on South Beach). "Hit-A-Lik has recently presented me with some new contractual options" said Buko "our label is multi-talented and we have a great deal of depth."

Amidst speculation Buko (seen above in one of an apparently limitless number of photographs with Dana Harris) is washed up and done for, a great deal of anticipation surrounds his upcoming solo effort. Specifically regarding reports the album will be produced exclusively by Drew Money. C-Hust's most recent release "Michigania Stunt Or Die" (The Mixtape) was well recieved but according to many under-promoted.

Friday, July 18, 2008

C-Hust guest of honor at N.E.R.D. show in NYC

Hit-A-Lik Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Charles "Charlie" Buko was a guest of honor at the N.E.R.D. performance this past Tuesday (at Santos Party House) in Manhattan. The young executive was joined on stage by Swizz Beatz, Jermaine Dupri, and Pusha T.

Questions surround the "Treetown" production/engineering team (composed of Larson and Drew Money) that was behind such a great number of Hit-A-Lik recordings. With Drew Money in Miami, Larson on world tour, the entire artist roster in Detroit and Buko doing god knows what comments on the "State of the Lik" have been few and far between.

"Everything is great, we are happy for Mike and Drew Money" said Buko.

Buko went on to comment further (as he appeared to be in very good spirits) "we anxiously await the return of all our affiliates when the time is right...the release of Young Frizz will be a landmark in our label history and we look forward to it."

Also of note was Buko's watch, the face of which was studded with a dozen diamonds.